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First Hogs Spotted and Killed with the NEW IR Patrol Thermal Monocular!

Check out these pictures from our recent hunt with The Hog Hitmen using some new gear. The new IR Patrol from IR Defense was run helmet mounted and offered superior detection ability.  If you are interested in a thermal hog hunt check out the Hog Hitmen’s website. 

IR HUnter MK II Hog HUnting
5 hogs taken out with the IR Hunter
First hog spotted with the IR Patrol, and shot with the IR Hunter MK II
Hog hunting with the omega suppressor
Big boar hog killed with the IR Hunter MK II Thermal Weapon Sight


bass fishing lake
Taking some time to cast a line in one of many lakes on the property before the night hunt.

PVS-14 vs Thermal Weapon Sight for Hog Hunting

If you are trying to decide on a PVS-14 or a thermal imaging weapon sight for hog hunting, this video is for you.
We put this video together to answer common questions about Generation 3 – PVS-14s for night hunting and illustrate some of the technology differences between gen 3 and thermal. Another good piece of information in this video is the important role of a magnified optic vs a 1X optic for night hunting. These hogs were all under 50 yards, with some under 30 yards and as you can see in the video there is a crucial difference in positive ID and usable range for a 1X vs 2.5X-20X(digital zoom) optic.
The PVS-14 was mounted simply for video purposes, so you wont see the reticle or a laser. It was a dark night when this video was captured with only 18% illumination from moonlight. We decided to not use an IR illuminator or a laser for this video to truly show the differences in technologies. Next time we hunt a dark night we will use an IR illuminator and a laser and throw a 3X magnifier on the PVS-14 to show how much better of an image you can get with IR Illumination and magnification. Hope ya’ll enjoy the video.


Edge Detect Mode on the IR Hunter MK II

Check out this screenshot from a recent hunt using “Edge Detect” on the IR Hunter MK II. ​The IR Hunter MK II has an Edge Detection feature that produces an entirely different new way of viewing your target. Edge Detect mode is also a fraction of the brightness of other modes so your eyes are not as prone to night blindness after coming off the scope.

ir hunter edge detect mode
Edge Detect leaves 90% of the screen black, which reduces night blindness after coming off the scope.