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PRESS RELEASE – Ultimate Night Vision Acquires Night Vision Device Manufacturing and Rental Company



Dallas, TX – February 15, 2016 – Ultimate Night Vision Company, LLC announced that it has acquired Night Vision 2 Go. Night Vision 2 Go is a Longview, Texas based night vision device manufacturing and rental company. The acquisition will better serve the needs of Ultimate Night Vision’s nationwide customer base.

“Our acquisition of Night Vision 2 Go complements Ultimate Night Vision’s overall product and rental service offering, specifically the image intensification portion of the business. This investment represents an important strategic opportunity to acquire the assets and talent necessary to succeed in two areas of interest for UNV – manufacturing and night vision rentals. We can now manufacture night vision devices on a much larger scale than before and will be expanding our rental options to include night vision devices. I am confident that Rich Ishihara, former President of Night Vision 2 Go, is the perfect fit to grow these two areas of the business. Rich has a wealth of knowledge regarding the current night vision device marketplace as well as the night vision device manufacturing process. I am excited about the growth in our company and improving our overall offering in the marketplace. We have many attractive new product offerings that will be released this year, and with the addition of the assets of Night Vision 2 Go, we are in a great position for continued success,” said Tyler Adair, CEO of Ultimate Night Vision.
About Ultimate Night Vision
Ultimate Night Vision Company, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, is an industry leader in thermal night vision rentals, sales, and education.
Contact: Tyler Adair
(214) 295-1043

IR Hunter Mark 2 Thermal Hog Hunting Video

This thermal hog hunt took place directly after a 3 inch rain. Although the thermal image quality is much worse in humid environments, the IR Hunter MK II thermal scope performed flawlessly taking out 10 hogs in a 12 hog sounder.

Thermal Scope Used:

DVR Used:

IR Hunter MK II Video Cable Used:


IR Defense Releases The IR Hunter MK II

Mark 2 IR HunterThe new IR HUNTER MK II is a breakthrough in the 640 category at the lowest priced 640 system ever at $5,495.00 and made to the same quality as the IR HUNTER. Externally the new sight is identical to the existing IR HUNTER with the following improvements.

1.            Sensor is a 640×480 MicroIR BAE 12um thermal engine

2.            12um Micron mean all existing lenses have a 35% increase in magnification over 17um Micron sensors

3.            40% power savings for longer battery life

4.            Battery cap has been moved forward for easier removal and installation

5.            60hz frame rate in a 640 weapon sight – yes 60hz. We also have a selectable 30hz mode for power saving, the 60hz takes more juice to run.

6.            640×480 VGA Emagin OLED for an extra sharp image.

7.            The display size has been reduced by 20% to make it ideal for both dedicated and clip-on operations.

8.            CLIP-ON – the sight will work with a bunch of 1x and variable 1-4x, 1-6x day optics. It works as is with no changes and no need for an accessory. It will work perfect out of the box using the feature in the system to sight it in.

9.            Image capture is improved and now will show the reticles in the images and it saves more images as well.

Get your hands on the latest night vision gear for free with

Check out another great article from about a recent night vision demo. invited interested people to get some hands on experience with much of the latest and greatest in NV and thermal. This event took place on the border of Dallas and Rockwall, Texas on May 23rd. That’s as good as place as any, and since Dallas/Fort Worth has readers who are in the night vision industry, it was no surprise that a few showed up.

Looking through the ATN ThOR 640 5X
Looking through the ATN ThOR 640 5X

I arrived at the official kickoff about 7:30 that evening as the sun was working its way down the horizon. With only short notice, 20 – 30 people made it out to see the gear, meet new friends and have a blast.

Where else can you find this much gear to demo...FOR FREE!?
Where else can you find this much gear to demo…FOR FREE!?

On hand were reps from some of the manufacturers and retailers, and Ed Avila, the founder of Ed is a newly minted Texan, leaving New York for the gun and business friendly Texas environment. If you had a question, chances are someone there had a good answer. By the way, welcome to Texas!

Ultimate Night Vision Featured on SHWAT!

Read too many night vision and thermal stories on, or feel frustrated by the stratospheric pricing of the cool guy gear after watching too many night hog hunts on YouTube? I have some great news for you! You can rent this stuff for a very reasonable price! As wild hog skullimprobable as it might seem, gear retailing for $5,000 can be had for a weekend for $199 (even less for SHWAT™ Team Members). So here’s the deal – when you’re done reading this, you’ll have no more excuses not to go high tech tactical hog hunting this summer. You’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Lots of people will say that hunting hogs after dark is where it’s at. For those of us who’ve done it successfully, it’s hard to argue the point. But the barriers to entry in that game are largely spelled with dollar signs and numerous zeroes in the mix. That makes decision making way too easy for lots of people: make a year’s worth of car payments or buy a thermal weapon sight? Too often that leaves “vicariously” the only way to experience the thrill of the night hunt, stalk and kill of feral pigs with the cool toys. It’s time to change that equation.

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