FLIR RS Update – Software to Further Improve Performance

ThermoSight RS
A Software update to further improve the performance of ThermoSight RS is now available on the FLIR
Web site.
With this update, a significant improvement in image performance is made possible by an upgrade to the
latest Tau 2.7.2 software. This update allows for three new processing modes that dramatically improve on-
screen detail and contrast. These updated levels of detail and contrast are further improved by tuning of the
LCD display to optimize image performance with additional gamma correction.
Based on user feedback, FLIR has updated the default ThermoSight Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
settings to provide the user three varying choices for a variety of conditions. These unique AGC settings are
pre-programmed as Scene Presets S1, S2 and S3. The Scene Preset controls are accessed via the advanced
tab of the menu (Setup/Advanced/Scene Presets). Users can obtain optimal image performance in a wide
range of conditions by toggling through these presets while in their unique environments.
Scene Preset 1 will now dedicate more contrast to the foreground object (target) and the background will
have less contrast, appearing darker in WH mode.
Scene Preset 3 will now provide the algorithm with more flexibility to generate an image with high contrast
in both the foreground and background targets. In S3, the background will appear lighter in WH mode.
Scene Preset 2 offers a balance between Preset 1 & 3 and is recommended for general use. Preset 2 will be a
factory default setting on all new production.
In addition to the scene presets, the following updates have been made to the InstAlert ® and screen
brightness settings:
InstAlert ® values have been improved and will now minimize over saturation of the “red hot” target.
Display brightness adjustments will now allow for a wider range of settings. This will improve use during
daylight shooting such as setting zero.
This free update is installed with a revised User (V1.04.02) GUI (PC only) and can be found here:

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