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Check out another great article from about a recent night vision demo. invited interested people to get some hands on experience with much of the latest and greatest in NV and thermal. This event took place on the border of Dallas and Rockwall, Texas on May 23rd. That’s as good as place as any, and since Dallas/Fort Worth has readers who are in the night vision industry, it was no surprise that a few showed up.

Looking through the ATN ThOR 640 5X
Looking through the ATN ThOR 640 5X

I arrived at the official kickoff about 7:30 that evening as the sun was working its way down the horizon. With only short notice, 20 – 30 people made it out to see the gear, meet new friends and have a blast.

Where else can you find this much gear to demo...FOR FREE!?
Where else can you find this much gear to demo…FOR FREE!?

On hand were reps from some of the manufacturers and retailers, and Ed Avila, the founder of Ed is a newly minted Texan, leaving New York for the gun and business friendly Texas environment. If you had a question, chances are someone there had a good answer. By the way, welcome to Texas!

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