IR Defense Releases The IR Hunter MK II

Mark 2 IR HunterThe new IR HUNTER MK II is a breakthrough in the 640 category at the lowest priced 640 system ever at $5,495.00 and made to the same quality as the IR HUNTER. Externally the new sight is identical to the existing IR HUNTER with the following improvements.

1.            Sensor is a 640×480 MicroIR BAE 12um thermal engine

2.            12um Micron mean all existing lenses have a 35% increase in magnification over 17um Micron sensors

3.            40% power savings for longer battery life

4.            Battery cap has been moved forward for easier removal and installation

5.            60hz frame rate in a 640 weapon sight – yes 60hz. We also have a selectable 30hz mode for power saving, the 60hz takes more juice to run.

6.            640×480 VGA Emagin OLED for an extra sharp image.

7.            The display size has been reduced by 20% to make it ideal for both dedicated and clip-on operations.

8.            CLIP-ON – the sight will work with a bunch of 1x and variable 1-4x, 1-6x day optics. It works as is with no changes and no need for an accessory. It will work perfect out of the box using the feature in the system to sight it in.

9.            Image capture is improved and now will show the reticles in the images and it saves more images as well.

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