Pulsar CORE Thermal Clip-On, Thermal Monocular, and Thermal Weapon Sight

First ever seen by the press: Pulsar’s newest creation of multitasking is a thermal device never before attempted in the thermal systems market. More compact than any Pulsar’s predecessors the Core is carrying this name for a reason: it’s central component is designed to be used with attachment lenses to create a monocular, riflescope or the day scope front mounted system.

Moreover, the Core features the most advanced Pulsar’s thermal sensor integration design securing the top-notch performance in any configuration. The multitude of capabilities would be impossible to achieve without the Pulsar’s patent-pending invention of the multifocal display. With the know-how under it’s belt – the Pulsar brand is moving forward with the first production of this unit in September 2014

Pulsar Core with front monocular attachment
Pulsar Core with front monocular attachment
Pulsar Core with front attachment  - Left Rear
Pulsar Core with front attachment


  • Simple adaption of day riflescope for night shooting
  • Retaining point of impact
  • Easy mounting
  • Easy transfromation into monocular
  • User friendly interface
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Wireless remote control
  • Lightweight and compact
Pulsar Core Specs
Pulsar Core Specs

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