Pulsar HD38s Review

 It’s a different world in the woods at night August 5, 2014
Reviewer: VInce Aurentz from Mesquite, TX United States

I have tried just about ever thermal monocular on the market trying to zero in on the one to buy. Well I bought this one. The 2x is perfect for spotting. I have tried 1x and while better than just night vision, it still leaves a little confusion. I use this in conjunction with my N750 night vision scope and together they have changed everything about the way I hunt. I hunt predators and hogs. I can remain in cover and spot my game without use of colored lights and often without a call. i spot and then do minimal calling. I can’t tell you how many animals i would never have seen without this even with my night vision. The optics on this unit are much better than the competition and the control knob is very user friendly. The specs on this unit beat every other unit i tried. I have learned things about the habits and movement of animals I never would have had the ability to see before. It’s a different world out there at night.  Buy this. Tyler will take good care of you.


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