PVS-14 vs Thermal Weapon Sight for Hog Hunting

If you are trying to decide on a PVS-14 or a thermal imaging weapon sight for hog hunting, this video is for you.
We put this video together to answer common questions about Generation 3 – PVS-14s for night hunting and illustrate some of the technology differences between gen 3 and thermal. Another good piece of information in this video is the important role of a magnified optic vs a 1X optic for night hunting. These hogs were all under 50 yards, with some under 30 yards and as you can see in the video there is a crucial difference in positive ID and usable range for a 1X vs 2.5X-20X(digital zoom) optic.
The PVS-14 was mounted simply for video purposes, so you wont see the reticle or a laser. It was a dark night when this video was captured with only 18% illumination from moonlight. We decided to not use an IR illuminator or a laser for this video to truly show the differences in technologies. Next time we hunt a dark night we will use an IR illuminator and a laser and throw a 3X magnifier on the PVS-14 to show how much better of an image you can get with IR Illumination and magnification. Hope ya’ll enjoy the video.



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