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Lots of people will say that hunting hogs after dark is where it’s at. For those of us who’ve done it successfully, it’s hard to argue the point. But the barriers to entry in that game are largely spelled with dollar signs and numerous zeroes in the mix. That makes decision making way too easy for lots of people: make a year’s worth of car payments or buy a thermal weapon sight? Too often that leaves “vicariously” the only way to experience the thrill of the night hunt, stalk and kill of feral pigs with the cool toys. It’s time to change that equation.

A rental unit boxed up and ready to go to another customer
A rental unit boxed up and ready to go to another customer
Some of the rental units offered by UNV

“It’ll never work.” Those words often follow a great idea in the making. Tyler Adair was met with the same sentiments when he conceived his night vision rental idea. Growing up in small central Texas town, hog hunting has been his passion and pastime for as long as he can remember. Night Vision is what countless hog hunters aspire to hunt with, and Tyler was no different. But we all know that kind of gear is expensive. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but she’s also the mother of business ideas. Realizing he wasn’t the only person holding back on purchasing thermal gear and night vision, he ignored the naysayers and in 2012 started Ultimate Night Vision (UNV). Today, literally thousands of people have rented night vision and thermal gear from him.

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