Ultimate Night Vision Featured on SHWAT!

Read too many night vision and thermal stories on SHWAT.com, or feel frustrated by the stratospheric pricing of the cool guy gear after watching too many night hog hunts on YouTube? I have some great news for you! You can rent this stuff for a very reasonable price! As wild hog skullimprobable as it might seem, gear retailing for $5,000 can be had for a weekend for $199 (even less for SHWAT™ Team Members). So here’s the deal – when you’re done reading this, you’ll have no more excuses not to go high tech tactical hog hunting this summer. You’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Lots of people will say that hunting hogs after dark is where it’s at. For those of us who’ve done it successfully, it’s hard to argue the point. But the barriers to entry in that game are largely spelled with dollar signs and numerous zeroes in the mix. That makes decision making way too easy for lots of people: make a year’s worth of car payments or buy a thermal weapon sight? Too often that leaves “vicariously” the only way to experience the thrill of the night hunt, stalk and kill of feral pigs with the cool toys. It’s time to change that equation.

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